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Create, grow and learn in the metaverse.

Meta is focused on pioneering innovation for human connection through social presence.

Meta immersive learning was created to fund and develop innovative solutions to help ensure the metaverse will have a positive influence on the future of learning.
viewing statue through an Oculus headset


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renaissance painting of a woman


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human skeleton


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At Meta, we are focused on building an ecosystem to support learning in the metaverse. This includes empowering the next generation of AR/VR creators, transforming the way we learn through high-quality immersive experiences and increasing access to education through technology.

Explore the natural world

These self guided AR interactions unlock a more profound connection and understanding of our natural world.

Painting of an Amazon Lily Flower

Amazon Lily Flower

Learn about the symbiotic relationships between plants and animals. Scan the QR code to initiate the filter.

Painting of Neptune Seagrass

Neptune Seagrass

Learn about the incredible powers of Neptune Seagrass. Scan the QR code to initiate the filter.

Smithsonian FUTURES | Meta: Moonwalk

Moonwalk is a new, immersive journey to the lunar surface in partnership with the Smithsonian Arts + Industries Building. Timed with the 50th anniversary of the Apollo missions, this groundbreaking new virtual reality and augmented reality installation gets you as close to actual space travel as possible using today’s technologies. Moonwalk is a preview to what immersive learning can be like in the metaverse.

Visitors gathered around a specimen.
3D model of Apollo 11
Selfie with space suit
Scientists exploring the vertebrae using Oculus headset
Through Meta immersive learning, we are investing $150M to help develop the next generation of creators, fund high quality immersive experiences that transform the way we learn, and ensure all communities have equal access to future teaching technologies.

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