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From innovative small businesses to community initiatives, people in Europe are creating positive change on our platforms.

Facebook is helping businesses in Europe do more.

Helping small businesses grow their customer base.

In the EU, the majority of small businesses surveyed that used Facebook’s apps, said doing so helped them attract new customers in the pandemic. By connecting small businesses to new customers across Europe and beyond, Facebook is helping these businesses to grow.

“Using Facebook, we expanded from farming into family pets.”

— Jamie, owner of AgriCam

AgriCam, an animal monitoring company based in Ireland, invested in Facebook ads and posts daily blog-style videos and updates. These help owner Jamie to showcase his products to existing and potential customers. Today, AgriCam attribute up to 70% of their domestic sales and half of their phone enquiries to Facebook’s apps and services. This success has helped them diversify their offering, growing their customer base from farmers to domestic customers who want to keep an eye on their pets while out of the house.

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“Using Facebook, we went from food truck to nationwide business.”

— Shannon and Declan, owners of Rívesci

Every day, more European businesses are moving online. Many are increasing their use of social media to boost sales and connect with new audiences. Just like Irish food business Rívesci. During lockdown, owners Shannon and Declan were forced to pivot their business from a food truck to selling condiments online. They credit Facebook and Instagram as being instrumental to their success, as Facebook’s apps allowed them to connect with more than 25,000 people with just a €5 ad spend.

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Facebook is helping communities in Europe do more.

Empowering communities.

More than 200 million people in Europe are members of active Facebook Groups. By bringing together like-minded people, Facebook’s apps are empowering communities.

“Our Facebook Group turns empty fields into precious forests.”

— Roberto from RiForestiAmo Italia

Special interest groups on social media are an invaluable way for people to connect and create change. Among these is RiForestiAmo Italia, a conservation community that uses its Facebook Group to organise reforestation drives in Italy and abroad. To date, its members have planted around 300,000 trees that capture up to 42,000 tonnes of CO2 every year. In the Group, volunteers also exchange tips on how to fight climate change and reduce carbon emissions on an individual level. Through its skills sharing and ongoing tree planting efforts, RiForestiAmo Italia is driving real progress in sustainability.

“Our Facebook Group turns spare food into community dinners.”

— Marion from La Fourmilière

Volunteers from Facebook Group La Fourmilière come together to feed, clothe and care for the homeless and elderly across Paris. Unsold fruit and vegetables are collected and volunteers enjoy cooking them alongside those in need. Urban spaces are transformed into flower and vegetable gardens. Volunteers help in any way they can, from scheduling cultural trips to arranging running groups. Almost 8,000 volunteers use the Group to coordinate their activities. All around Europe, Facebook’s apps are helping people connect, transforming lives and neighbourhoods and powering change.