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We are committed to securing our platforms, providing transparency and empowering people to vote.

A vote counted is a voice heard.

That’s why we make preparing for elections one of our highest priorities. Since 2016, we have made massive investments in safety and security with more than 40,000 people working on these issues. We’ve taken steps to reduce the spread of misinformation and provide more transparency and control around political ads.


We are focused on providing reliable election information while combating misinformation across languages.

We’re continuing to connect people with details about voter registration and the election from their election officials through in-Feed notifications and our Voting Information Center in the US.


We have advanced security operations to take down manipulation campaigns and identify emerging threats.

Our security teams investigate and take down coordinated networks of inauthentic accounts, Pages and Groups that seek to manipulate public debate.

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We stop millions of fake accounts every day before they are even created. Facebook Protect further secures the accounts of elected officials, candidates and their staff.

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We work with governments, law enforcement agencies, nonprofits, civil rights groups and other tech companies to stop emerging threats.

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We’re fighting foreign interference and domestic influence operations, and we’ve removed over 150 networks of Coordinated Inauthentic Behavior since 2017.

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We help prevent the spread of misinformation and provide additional context so people can make informed decisions.


We provide an industry-leading level of transparency around political advertising and pages so you can see who is trying to influence your vote.

Every political and social issue ad that runs on Facebook and Instagram is stored in a searchable Ad Library for seven years. We offer tools to help journalists, researchers and policymakers conduct analysis and learn more.

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To run a political or social issue ad, advertisers must go through our authorization process, which includes proving who they are and where they live.

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Ads about social issues, elections or politics include “Paid for by” disclaimers to show who’s behind the ad. US advertisers must now provide additional information, like a Federal Election Commission ID or Tax-ID number.

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We show you the confirmed owner and locations of Facebook Pages, and we label state-controlled media in the US. For Instagram accounts with large audiences, you can see information such as the country where it is located.

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CrowdTangle, our social media monitoring tool lets you see what presidential candidates are saying on Facebook and Instagram, as well as branded content they sponsored.

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You can turn off social issue, electoral or political ads with one switch.

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You can see how much presidential, senate and house candidates spent on ads leading up to the US 2020 elections.

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