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Protecting privacy and security

We're committed to giving you control over your privacy and protecting your information, so you can enjoy the experiences you value most on our products. That’s why we’ve built the tools to help you secure your information, and to make the right privacy choices, while adhering to stringent industry standards for privacy and protecting your data.

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Data enhances your experiences and makes them more relevant to you, whether that’s recommending groups you should join or delivering content to your apps that reflects your interests. We’re giving you more control over your privacy choices, and holding ourselves accountable for keeping your data secure.

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Privacy Center

Privacy Center is a convenient place to learn more about our approach to privacy across our apps and technologies so you can make better informed decisions about your Privacy.

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Giving you more control

We build tools to give you more control over your privacy and help you understand what happens with your information.

People use the Privacy Checkup feature every month.
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Designing for Privacy

Safeguarding your data is our highest priority, and we want to provide a window into how we protect your data and keep it secure.

We’re providing an under-the-hood look at the work we’re doing to build a global privacy program and sharing our ongoing privacy investments to support us now and in the future.

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We’re ensuring new products and features are built with privacy in mind. Learn more about how we’re designing privacy into our products on our Privacy Matters blog.

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We balanced protecting people’s privacy with public interest priorities to enable pandemic response efforts through our COVID-19 initiatives. Read about our approach.

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We built end-to-end encryption in WhatsApp and offer the option in Messenger to ensure your messages remain private.

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We’ve dramatically decreased the amount of information other apps can request from you.

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We devote substantial resources to combating unauthorized scraping on Meta products.

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Innovating for the future

We collaborate with partners across the industry to help establish best practices for data security and portability.

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Privacy Matters News Series
WhatsApp Security
Instagram Privacy
Messenger Privacy
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Introducing Family Center and Parental Supervision Tools on Instagram and in VR

We're introducing Family Center, a new place for parents and guardians to access supervision tools and resources from leading experts.

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Recapping Our Privacy Efforts on Data Privacy Day

We're celebrating Data Privacy Day by rolling out encryption updates on Messenger and making new investments in privacy research.

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Introducing Privacy Center

We're introducing a new place for you to learn about how we approach privacy across our technologies.

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