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Our approach to responsible business

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“Finding your purpose isn't enough. The challenge is creating a world where everyone has a sense of purpose.”

Mark Zuckerberg

Responsible business in action

Informed by our priority topics assessment, we organize our approach around four strategic pillars, which inform our business strategy and enable us to focus our efforts in areas that maximize our impact.

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Pillar 1

Operate transparently and sustainably

To be good stewards of our planet and maintain the trust of our stakeholders, we must operate sustainably, responsibly, ethically, and transparently in everything we do.

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Pillar 2

Empower our people and partners

Our workforce, supply chain, and communities are our greatest assets. Creating a safe and supportive corporate culture and building equitable opportunities for our people and partners to thrive helps us achieve our company's mission.

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Pillar 3

Build responsibly

Technology has the capacity to enhance people’s lives in countless ways, but improvement isn’t inevitable. It's the product of consistent hard work and investment in the early mitigation of potential consequences.

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Pillar 4

Unlock potential for good

When people use Meta’s platforms to forge connections, anything becomes possible. We are inspired to empower people around the world to share ideas, offer support, and make a difference, creating a positive impact at scale.

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Priority topics

Meta’s priority topics are identified through continuous dialogue and plotted according to their impact on our business and our stakeholders.

scatterplot graph reflecting Y axis of importance to stakeholders and X axis of impact on Meta's business ranging from important to critical on both axes. The individual priority topics are detailed in the 2023 responsible business practices report.
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Responsible Business Practices Report

Diversity, equity, inclusion

We strive for inclusive experiences for employees, partners, and product users.

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Human rights website

Human rights

We seek to translate human rights guidance into meaningful action, every day.

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Transparency center

Content governance

We report on content policy enforcement and intellectual property protection.

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Responsible Business Practices Report

Responsible design of apps and services

Our development process starts with responsible AI and design principles.

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Upholding our code

Trust and integrity

Trust and integrity keep people safe and provide them with tools to take action.

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Leadership and governance

Corporate governance

Meta leadership is committed to sound governance and effective decision making.

Our mission is to give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together. We build tools to empower people to create positive change in their lives and in the lives of others.

2022 highlights

Download our Responsible Business Practices Report for more highlights.

Download 2023 report

A hub where people can learn more about Meta’s approach to privacy across our apps and technologies, the Privacy Center includes answers to privacy questions, information about how we use data, links to privacy controls we offer, key account security tips and tools.

Since 2017, we have invested in more than 25 water restoration projects in eight watersheds. Together, these projects will restore 1.9 billion gallons of water annually. In 2022, our water restoration projects returned ​​621 million gallons of water to high and medium water stressed regions.

Meta's induction into the Billion Dollar Roundtable made us one of the fastest companies to reach $1 billion in spend with diverse suppliers after launching a supplier diversity effort.

In 2022, our security team found more than 400 malicious apps, which we reported to the mobile app stores. We also alerted people whose accounts may have been compromised and created a list of items to look out for to help users keep their accounts secure.

Meta has prioritized making the metaverse accessible to the widest possible audience, with a focus on software and platforms that work for the broadest range of users, and immersive experiences that can be accessed by billions of people through the open web and Meta’s family of apps.

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