Journalists, activists and public figures

We are committed to creating supportive technologies where all participants, including those with a large follower base, feel safe to engage with diverse communities and share openly. Our tools and policies are designed to support those in the public eye as they serve, educate and inspire.


We want to help users grow safely and thrive on our technologies. Below are our ongoing safety efforts to help journalists, activists and public figures in the Meta community.


Journalists can face threats both online and off. We are committed to preventing and responding to such safety concerns. We've compiled resources for journalist safety and developed a guide to combating online violence. We also support the international news community through sponsoring programs via our Meta Journalism Project.

Human rights defenders

Social media platforms are an important component of activism. Staying safe requires a deep understanding of security best practices as well as ongoing vigilance. We want to support the digital safety of global human rights defenders so they can continue their work, while safeguarding their digital assets.

In keeping with our mission to give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together, we've developed a Corporate human rights policy, which is central to our ongoing commitment to promote and protect human rights.

Public figures

Safety and security is necessary for individuals in the public eye. That's true whether one may be a political candidate up for election, a creator with a growing fan base, an activist helming online movements or a journalist reporting during a crisis. We take threats to users' safety seriously and have specific guidance for those in politics and other public-facing roles. We encourage public figures to familiarize themselves with platform-specific safety tools and features. Doing so can help foster a positive experience for public figures and their community.

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