Journalist safety

We understand journalists are at a higher risk of harm because of their occupation. We want to make sure journalists feel equipped to manage their online safety with tools and resources to safeguard their sources, contacts, logins and personal information.

Visit the journalist safety hub.

Social media platforms provide journalists with invaluable access to sources, information and exposure. With these benefits come risks. We realize that journalists may face threats or attacks for seeking or revealing the truth. We have compiled digital safety resources to address journalists' specific safety needs.

Our journalist safety resources include:

  • Journalist Safety Guide, available in multiple languages. The guide includes technology-specific instructions to help ensure your information and accounts are secure.
  • Training and support resources for issues and concerns that journalists may face. Being familiar with these can help you prepare or assist colleagues as needed.
  • FAQs on journalist-specific experiences across Meta technologies, including what to do if you think you've been hacked and how to use Facebook Protect, our security program for groups who are more likely to be targeted by malicious hackers.

Take advantage of safety tools across Meta technologies.

We are committed to advancing the digital safety of journalists, including improving our tools to safeguard against threats and dangers. See how to make the most of Meta’s safety tools.

Here are some tools that can help you control your user experience:

For more security tips, visit our safety tools section.

Register with Meta as a journalist or news page.

We offer the option for eligible Pages to be registered as a news entity. Not only does this distinguish your Page as an authentic news source, but it also helps expand your reach through Meta technologies.

Get access to enhanced account protection for both freelance and organization-employed journalists. Register for protection on Facebook and Instagram, as well as the option to apply for blue badge verification.

Report violating content.

Any discussion of public figures must comply with our Community Standards. We do not allow bullying and harassment, hate speech or other objectionable content. You can report content that violates these policies, as well as block or restrict users who encroach on your privacy.

Keep tabs on opportunities via the Meta Journalism Project.

We launched the Meta Journalism Project to support the safety and quality of journalism on our technologies. We regularly share developments on our global endeavors and feature region-oriented opportunities supporting journalists working within different contexts.

Bookmark external safety resources.

Digital safety doesn't have a one-size-fits-all solution. We recommend the following resources to create a personalized toolkit factoring in your region, preferred tools and commonly used devices.