Public figures safety

Being in the public eye comes with its own set of safety risks. Here's how public figures can prioritize their privacy and safety while continuing to engage and grow on our technologies.

Safety for creators

We launched our creators page to help social media influencers and content creators manage, monetize and track their endeavors. Join this community for ongoing advice to help safely establish and elevate your presence on Facebook and Instagram. To offer more protections, we’ve recently made updates to Hidden Words for creator accounts.

Safety school

Our safety school is designed to educate creators on how to stay safe on Meta. Our collection of webinars and videos breaks down policies, resources and tools available for creators.

Watch the safety school webinar for what to do if you face impersonation, bullying or harassment on our technologies.

Policies and tools for protecting women in government

Women in public office often face unique abuse and other challenges online. At Meta, we're determined to help candidates and elected officials protect against and report such behavior. That's why we do not tolerate hate speech of any kind, and discussion of public figures must comply with the Facebook Community Standards. Learn about these rules, as well as the safety tools available to you as a woman in government.

Safety resources for candidates and elected officials

We're continually assessing and improving our protection and working to make Meta a safe and supportive place for public figures. Learn how to keep your accounts secure and your privacy protected.

Protecting your Page

Individuals and organizations in the political spotlight may be targeted to gain access to contacts and sensitive information. If your profile becomes compromised, you could lose access to any Pages and Groups you manage. Use our safety tools to help ensure your information is safeguarded against unauthorized access.

To help ensure that negative content does not appear on your Page or individual profile, we have developed a range of tools that allow public figures to moderate and filter content. You can moderate comments, including hiding or deleting individual comments and turning on the profanity filter—or blocking specific words or lists of words—that you don’t want to appear on your Page. You can also remove or ban people using the tools available to administrators. See our safety guide for community leaders for more advice.

Eligibility and enrollment in Facebook Protect

Facebook Protect is designed to help high-risk users like candidates and elected officials, as well as their campaign affiliates, adopt stronger account security protections. The feature also monitors for potential hacking threats.

Enhancing election security

Security and transparency regarding elections are top of mind. We've increased teams working on safety issues and created rapid response centers. We've also made significant improvements to reduce the spread of misinformation and provide clarity around ads about social issues, elections and politics.

Tools to inspire, connect and serve

Meta technologies empower governmental, political and advocacy organizations all over the world. Learn best practices for serving your constituents and supporters and building your community.

Report violating content

Any discussion of public figures must comply with the Facebook Community Standards. We do not allow bullying and harassment, hate speech or other objectionable content. You can report content that violates these policies, as well as block or restrict users you don’t want to engage with.