Youth safety

Learning how to safely navigate digital spaces is critical for protecting your emotional health and well-being. Here are safety tips and resources to help you get started.


While your parents and teachers may recommend what apps or sites you use, ultimately, you're in charge of your online experience. Find advice and tools that can help you balance your time and ensure you're prioritizing connections that make you feel good, seeking support when needed and helping others.

Know how to handle bullying.

Bullying can be intimidating and scary. It’s helpful to have resources at your disposal if you encounter it. Learn how to handle situations whether you witness someone getting bullied, you feel targeted or have been called a bully.

Learn how to handle intimate images shared without your permission.

Sharing – or threatening to share – intimate images without consent is against Meta policies. Learn about steps you can take to remove the images, prevent them from being shared or re-shared and how to find support services.

Sextortion is the threat to reveal intimate images to force you to do something you don't want to do.

Developed in partnership with Thorn, the Stop Sextortion hub offers resources for those being threatened with sextortion.

Stop suicide challenges.

Suicide challenges are dangerous and violate our policies. If you see someone post or engage with a suicide challenge, you can report it directly in app. If a friend posted it, reach out or tell a trusted adult who can help them.

Understand your privacy.

We want you to understand online privacy and what settings and tools are available to help keep you safe. Learn who can see what you share, how ads are different for teens, and key points from our Privacy Policy and tools your parent or guardian can use to support your online safety.

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Create positive change.

What you post, share and endorse online has the potential to start or continue positive changes. Get Digital is designed to help you develop the digital skills to use and create technology for good. You’ll find tips on staying safe, building resilience, finding and leading supportive communities and creating opportunities for yourself and your community.

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