What to do if your friend is bullied

Take steps to help a friend or classmate being bullied. By being a supportive presence, you can help them feel less alone. You can also take a stand or help your friend confront the issue, if you feel comfortable.

Decide how to help.

Remain calm when approaching or defending your friend. Depending on the situation, you may offer to accompany your friend to report the bullying to a trusted adult. Or if you feel safe, you can stand up against the bullying when it happens. Keep in mind that everyone's safety, including yours, is a priority.

Work together to find a solution.

Let your friend who is being bullied know that they’re not alone and you want to help them. You may come up with a plan on how best to avoid the person who's bullying them. Or you can strategize on how to interrupt or shift the focus away from bullying. Help your friend avoid escalating the problem or responding aggressively, which can make things worse.

If the bullying is happening on social media, use our safety tools to block, report or unfriend/unfollow people. Learn more about the tools available across our technologies and how to use them.

Show you care.

Make an effort to hang out with your friend so they feel supported and heard. Post positive comments on their social media or direct message them with kind words. Encourage other friends to do the same.

Check back to reinforce you still care. Being the victim of bullying can be a scary and isolating experience. Your friendship and concern can go a long way.