NCII pilot history

At Meta, we don’t want anyone to fear that their intimate images might be shared on and off our technologies. We created the NCII pilot to prevent non-consensual intimate image (NCII) abuse and to keep this content off our technologies. The NCII pilot is no longer active.


The NCII pilot was established in 2018 in partnership with several international NGOs and helped potential victims safeguard their intimate images against being shared. It allowed people to proactively report content to our trained teams, who reviewed and deleted the images and videos shared without permission. Expert partners across the world provided localized support services and resources.

Evolution to

The goal of the NCII pilot — to make it easier for users to stop image-based sexual abuse — is as strong today as it was when we started the program. In 2021, the work established by the NCII pilot integrated into, a free platform that uses technology designed to prevent the sharing or resharing of intimate images. is operated by the Revenge Porn Helpline which is part of SWGfL, a charity with an international reputation that believes that everyone should benefit from technology, free from harm.

You can still report abusive content on our technologies, and we will remove reported content that violates our Community Standards. We also use photo-matching technology to stop further attempts to share offending images on our technologies.

NCII pilot partners

Five partners helped get the NCII pilot off the ground, with more partners coming on over time. We now have more than 70 global partners supporting

The NCII pilot relied on the support of the following international partner organizations:

NCII pilot partner testimonials

“This new process will provide reassurance for many victims of image-based sexual abuse, and dramatically reduce the amount of harmful content on the platform. We hope that this will inspire other social media companies to take similar action and that together we can make the online environment hostile to abuse.”
– The Revenge Porn Helpline, U.K.

“Center for Social Research partners with Facebook to build safe communities through our #SocialSurfing workshops across university campuses in India. The new NCII tools will be extremely helpful — especially for women whose intimate pictures are often shared without their consent.”
– Center for Social Research, India

“Our Safety Net Technology Team hears from victims of domestic violence and their advocates every day about cases where abusers spread intimate photos as a way to terrorize and humiliate their victims. We applaud Facebook for its leadership in thwarting the efforts of domestic violence and stalking offenders and helping make social media a safe space for everyone, including survivors of violence. NNEDV surveyed front-line victim advocates and found that over half of local organizations (55%) are helping victims of domestic violence whose abusers post intimate images as a way to cause devastating harm.”
– National Network to End Domestic Violence, U.S.

“With these new tools, Facebook has raised the bar for the tech industry's response to online abuse. Facebook has once again demonstrated leadership and innovation in the fight against nonconsensual pornography. We are proud to partner with Facebook in its continuing efforts to protect the privacy, dignity, and safety of all of its users.”
– Cyber Civil Rights Initiative, U.S.