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Stop sextortion

Sextortion is when someone blackmails or threatens to expose a sexual image to get you to do something, like send money, gift cards, or more photos.

If you, your teen or a friend is experiencing this, know that there is help to get through this.

Five ways to respond to sextortion

  1. Take control, stop responding, and do not pay. Cooperating or paying rarely stops their threats, but if you have already sent money, know that it is going to be ok. Stop paying them and get help by following the steps below.

  2. Talk with someone you trust, like a close friend, teacher or parent. If you aren’t comfortable talking to someone you know, check out the crisis support section of our Safety Center to find organizations near you that can help.

  3. Report to tech companies. Report any threats and the images if they’ve been shared. To learn how to report content visit our help centers for Facebook and Instagram. You can also reach out to a local hotline via the InHope Network to make a report or get help.

  4. Submit a case with any images or videos of yourself to Take It Down. This is a free service to help prevent the images from spreading. You can remain anonymous and you won’t have to send your images or videos to anyone.

  5. Manipulated or AI-generated content violates our policies the same way that other content does. If you are being threatened by content generated by AI, report it to the tech company and submit a case through Take It Down.

Developed by Thorn and adapted by Meta, these stop sextortion resources are for anyone seeking support and information related to sextortion.

Visit our crisis support page to find support from organizations in your area. Together, we can help prevent sextortion.