Digital literacy

Digital literacy is a critical skillset that empowers people to thrive in the digital world. Below are resources to help you build healthy relationships and resilience, lead with empathy, respect and engage with diverse communities, stay safe and make positive connections.


We're committed to digital safety and empowerment. That's why we collaborated with experts to launch Get Digital which blends ready-to-use lessons, tips and resources for each of our five content pillars — digital foundations, digital wellness, digital engagement, digital empowerment and digital opportunities. There are resources specifically for youth, caregivers and educators.

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Learn digital citizenship skills, while prioritizing your well-being with our activities for making healthy decisions whenever and wherever you're logged on. We want to help you to stay safe, find and lead supportive communities, and use and create technology for good.

Parents and caregivers

Equipping youth with the knowledge to safely navigate the Internet and use its resources to positively influence the world around them now sets them up for success down the line. If you're not sure where to get started or how best to continue the conversation, these resources are for you.


Teaching digital literacy in the classroom is critically important, but it may be hard to figure out where to start. Pick and choose from our five-pillared curriculum. Each lesson includes a script and educator and student materials.

My Digital World

My Digital World provides accessible learning modules and resources for building skills on responsible and safe use of digital platforms. The program, created in partnership with experts across sub-Saharan Africa, is aimed at learners 13-18 years old and allows for a deep dive into digital foundations and engagement best practices. Resources are available for parents and educators.

We Think Digital

Working with experts across the Asia Pacific, We Think Digital aims to equip young people to develop the skills needed to become empowered digital citizens. These resources are designed to be used by educators and families both in the classroom and at home with lesson plans and activities to help build core competencies skills young people need to navigate the digital world in safe ways.

Soy Digital

Soy Digital is a program for Latin America and the Caribbean that aims to promote digital citizenship by providing young people the skills needed to navigate digital spaces safely and respectfully. Resources and materials are co-designed with local partners and adapted to specific needs and priorities across the region. Resources are free, self-paced and can be used in a plug-and-play fashion. Some of the topics covered include: protecting your digital identity, how to spot false information in digital platforms, online gender-based violence, avoiding scams, and critical thinking.

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