Tips to avoid scams

We know the impact that scams can have on people, and we continue to invest in protecting our users. This includes updating our support systems and keeping the scammers out.

Staying safe from scams

Here is what to look out for and how to stay safe from scammers:

Slow down and check before engaging.

Look for any suspicious behaviors before accepting a friend request or responding to a message. If someone claims to be a friend or relative in an emergency, or asks you for advance fees to receive a loan, prize or other winnings, slow down, do not engage, and remember, you always have the option to report them to Facebook and Instagram.


Scammers often try to get people to act quickly. If you get a suspicious email or message claiming to be from Meta or other legitimate companies and institutions, verify the sender and don't click any links or attachments. You can verify if an email comes from Meta in your settings on Facebook and Instagram.

Don’t share personal details.

Be suspicious before entering your social media or other online login and password when someone asks you to enter. Keep caution when a new third-party app you just downloaded requires you to login with your Facebook account before you can use its functionality. Don't share requests from unknown accounts asking for your passwords, social security number, credit card or other financial details. Report them to Facebook and Instagram.

Security tips

As always, we strongly recommend that you enable alerts about unrecognized logins and turn on two-factor authentication to increase your account security.

How to report a scam

If you think you’ve encountered a scam on our platform, please report it to us by clicking the ‘Report post’ or ‘Report photo’ button.



For help keeping your Facebook account safe and secure from scams, see our online resources.


Visit the Instagram safety site to learn how to report content, and other ways to protect yourself.


For more ways on how to stay safe on WhatsApp, see our online resources.