Mental health & well-being

We all have different needs when it comes to online well-being. Here are resources for supporting your digital well-being for yourself, your family and others in your community.


A safe, supportive digital community is one where everyone can have their voice heard and their opinion valued. We take our role seriously in keeping abuse off our platforms. We have developed policies to ensure our technologies remain spaces where users feel empowered to share and communicate.

Seek or provide emotional support

At Meta, we know how powerful connection can be. We want to leverage its potential to support your mental health and well-being online. In partnership with external experts, we’ve developed tools and resources to support digital wellness across our technologies, including how to navigate difficult conversations around mental health and access to expert support.

Suicide prevention

Recognize suicidal behaviors and warning signs

Responding to suicide challenges

Recognize suicidal behaviors and warning signs

How we treat each other online matters. We strive to make it possible for users to support each other in times of need. We also seek input from experts in suicide prevention and learn from the latest research so that we can develop evidence-based tools and guidance.

Responding to suicide challenges

Online suicide challenges are dangerous and may promote self-harm and may end in death. These violate our policies and we urge everyone to notify us if they encounter these posts immediately.

Suicide challenges

Prioritize your digital wellness

Digital wellness means prioritizing your safety and well-being. It also means remaining empathetic towards others online. A proactive approach to recognizing and improving your wellness can help you strike the right balance for your needs.

Support youth well-being

Building healthy habits is critical for youth as they navigate new ways to engage online. We break down safety basics and share resources and tools to help young people find a good balance between online and offline activities, develop a strong online identity and manage challenging situations and emotions.

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