Educators and suicide prevention

Resources to support the mental well-being of your students.

Helping students at risk

Suicide is a leading cause of death among young people worldwide. As an educator, you are uniquely positioned to support students who may be at risk. Learning how to spot the warning signs and safely communicate about ideation can help prevent the tragedy of suicide.

Orygen #chatsafe for educators

Orygen developed the #chatsafe tool as a global resource to help teachers equip their students to talk safely on social media about suicide. It includes information about support services and content to facilitate conversations in the classroom.

You can also share the student version of the #chatsafe guidelines. This resource encourages awareness and reflection on these difficult topics.

Responding to suicide challenges

Online suicide challenges include a series of increasingly harmful tasks given to participants over a set period of time. Learn how to recognize and respond to these challenges to reduce risk.

Share peer-to-peer resources with students.

Experts say that compassionate intervention from loved ones is one of the best ways to help prevent suicide. We've compiled resources for helping people support friends in their network who appear in distress. Depending on school policy, you might consider sharing these resources with students to foster peer support.