Suicide prevention — help for me

We care deeply about your safety and well-being across our technologies. We've worked with global experts to bring resources directly to you that can help. If you're contemplating suicide or experiencing suicidal thoughts and need immediate support, call a hotline in your country.

Communicating safely about suicide

It can help to share your experiences with suicidal thoughts, feelings or behavior with someone you trust. If you are currently experiencing thoughts of suicide, find a trusted adult or friend, reach out to a professional mental health service or get immediate assistance by calling a hotline in your country or visiting your local hospital.

Sharing information about suicide online

Orygen, the National Center of Excellence in Youth Mental Health, offers excellent advice about safely sharing information about suicidal thoughts online. The information in "A Young Person's Guide for Communicating Safely Online About Suicide" provides critical tips and tools. Some of what we share below is from that guide.

Developing a safety plan

Designing a suicide safety plan can help keep you safe. Created with a mental health professional, this plan outlines actions, strategies and supportive people to help you when you're experiencing suicidal thoughts, feelings or behaviors. Have a plan in place for when you feel upset or troubled.

Before you post

Before you post about suicide, take time to think about why you want to share the post and how it could make you feel later. Reflect on how your post could affect others and how their reactions may affect you. A few things to keep in mind:

  • Graphic content is not permitted on Meta apps and descriptive content can be distressing for others. It may be removed or marked as sensitive, and you may want to include a warning on your post.
  • Include phone numbers or links to appropriate help services.
  • Emphasize the importance of seeking help.
  • Promote hope and recovery.
  • Consider not allowing commenting or not responding to comments on other posts.