Facebook brand resources and guidelines

The logo is our most important brand asset. We use it with consistency and intention to represent the world of social discovery to billions of people around the world.

Updated January 2024

Our Logo Evolution

Our logo has evolved over time, building on our past heritage, using an 'f' within a blue circle. The current logo has been refined in shape and color to make it more accessible and legible. Always ensure you are using the current version of our logo in any new designs or communications.

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The Facebook logo

You can download our logo from the link below. It's important you use the current version of the logo. Please use the link below and don’t download a logo from a Google search which may be out of date or incorrect.

Logo pack
I have read and accept the applicable guidelines and other terms for use.

Primary logo color

Our primary expression of the logo is in Facebook Blue with a white ‘f’.

On white

A Facebook Blue logo on a white background is our primary logo use.

Over imagery

A Facebook Blue logo may also be used over imagery placed with consideration of the image content and contrast. The ‘f’ is always white in this case, never transparent.

Secondary logo color

Our secondary expression of the logo is in white with a transparent ‘f’.

On Blue

A white logo on a Facebook Blue background is our secondary logo use.

Over imagery

A white logo may also be used over imagery, but should be placed with consideration of the image content and contrast.

Logo usage

We have a series of rules of how to apply our logo to ensure consistency.

Logo clear space

Clear space is defined by taking the width of our logo and dividing it by two. So, if X represents our logo, the clear space would be 0.5X. This space applies to all internal and external applications, except for sub-brand lockups.

Logo minimum size

The minimum logo size for digital applications is 16px wide. In print, the minimum size is 6mm wide.

In use examples

Below are some examples of where our logo is used in the correct way. Always ensure you give clear space around the logo and never place it too close to other logos or text. The logo should always be at least half a logo distance away from any other content.

Example website footer
Example trade vehicle
Example shop window
Example soft drinks can

Logo watchouts

Our logo is often used in an incorrect way. Please avoid using any of the following examples.

DON'T use our word mark

Do not use our word mark instead of our logo.

DON'T use our thumbs up ‘like’ symbol

Do not use our ‘like’ symbol instead of our logo.

DON'T use just the 'f' from our logo

The logo must be complete and unaltered.

DON'T write the word ‘Facebook’ next to the logo

Do not connect any other words to the logo.

DON'T add emojis to the logo

Emojis are only for use by Facebook within our products.

DON'T change the color of the logo

Do not recolor our logo to your own brand colors.

DON'T make the logo 3D

Do not change the appearance of the logo to 3D.

DON'T outline the logo

Do not use an outline or any other version of the logo.

DON'T design your own logo word mark

Do not combine the logo with ‘acebook’.

DON'T put a drop shadow on the logo

Do not use drop shadows or effects on the logo

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