Brand Overview

Welcome to Facebook’s brand resources site. Here you’ll find brand guidelines and downloadable assets as well as information on obtaining permission to use Facebook assets in your own work.


Our guidelines outline the rules for using Facebook’s brand assets and showcasing Facebook product content. Please help us protect our brand, and present your work in the most appropriate way, by following these guidelines and only using approved brand assets from this site (any logos or images found elsewhere on the web are not approved for use).

The Basics



DO use the "f" logo.

Only use the "f" logo to promote your presence on Facebook. Don't use the Facebook wordmark, which is the corporate identity that refers to Facebook company.


DO maintain shape, color and proportions.

To ensure accurate and consistent use, never alter, rotate, embellish or attempt to recreate Facebook brand assets. The downloads available here are the only approved assets to represent the Facebook brand..


DO keep sufficient clearspace.

Leave enough space around Facebook brand assets for them to be clear and uncluttered. Additionally, use assets at a legible size.


DO abide by Facebook’s Terms and Policies.

Agree to act in accordance with Facebook's Terms and Community Standards.



DON'T modify the design or color of our assets.

Stylizing, warping, or modifying their color or shape is not allowed. If you are unable to use the correct color due to technical limitations, you may revert to black and white. Don’t use any icons or images to represent Facebook other than what is found on this site


DON'T misrepresent the Facebook brand.

Avoid representing the Facebook brand in a way that: Makes the Facebook brand the most distinctive or prominent feature. Implies partnership, sponsorship or endorsement. Puts the brand in a negative context as part of a script or storyline.

Talking About Facebook

When referencing Facebook, the following phrases are good examples to follow and are approved for use in your marketing.

  • Find us on Facebook

  • Like us on Facebook

  • Visit us on Facebook

  • Visit our Facebook page

  • Check in on Facebook

  • Tag us on Facebook

  • Become a fan on Facebook

Not Acceptable
  • Facebook us

  • Follow us on Facebook

Copy Standards

When referencing Facebook, the following phrases are good examples to follow and are approved for use in your marketing.

  • DO display the word “Facebook” in the same font size and style as its neighboring content.

  • DO capitalize the word “Facebook,” except when it’s part of a web address.

  • DON'T pluralize the Facebook trademark, use it as a verb or abbreviate it.

  • DON'T use Facebook logos and icons in place of words.

Using Facebook Assets in Your Work

Whether you’re using Facebook to promote your business or referring to us in the script of your next big Broadway hit, be sure to follow the guidelines below to ensure your use of Facebook assets and product content adheres to our standards.

Advertiser Guidelines

If you use Facebook brand assets in TV, digital advertising or print packaging, you must submit your creative to the Facebook team for review, prior to launch. If you're a Facebook partner or working on a Facebook sponsorship, please speak to your Facebook contact. They will provide brand guidance and permission as required.

Advertising on Facebook

When developing creative for advertising on Facebook, follow Ad Policy guidelines at that outlines what types of ad content are allowed.

If you wish to use an animated or 3D concept in your Facebook ad, don't incorporate any Facebook brand assets, icons, UI, elements of the UI, or any elements that may resemble Facebook or its products. We encourage you to be creative in your ads by showing special effects or animation in your video without using the Facebook UI

Don't feature the Facebook brand prominently

Facebook brand assets should not be the most prominent feature of your marketing creative so as to imply partnership, sponsorship or endorsement.

Entertainment Guidelines

If using Facebook brand assets on TV or in other forms of entertainment, you must submit your creative to the Facebook team for review prior to publishing. You may also use the "f" logo to drive to your presence on Facebook. You can use the word "Facebook" as part of your book, play, TV show or film storyline provided it’s clear that Facebook doesn’t endorse or sponsor your project and Facebook is not presented in a negative context.

Find Us on Facebook Watch

We provide specific guidelines for promoting shows from Facebook Watch. Find assets and guidelines here.

News and Commentary Guidelines

Find all the tools to help you display and talk about Facebook user content and our products in news and commentary.

Refer to our general guidelines for practical design and download the Facebook Brand Guidelines for a PDF version of all the guidelines featured here

Broadcast Brand Permissions

We understand the content you wish to feature may need to air during live programming, such as a newscast or live event, and allowing time for permissions is not feasible. In these instances, we still require you to follow the general rules and guidelines for using Facebook logos and assets and Broadcast Templates provided.

Displaying Content from Facebook

We have created broadcast templates to use when displaying content that originated on Facebook. They have been modified from the Facebook User Interface for better onscreen display quality. Be sure to visit our User Interface guideline to download broadcast templates and a media PDF you will find useful.

Representing Facebook

Representing the Facebook company

Please refer to us as “Facebook company” (lowercase c) when referencing us in plain text. If a logo is necessary, the appropriate option is the Facebook company wordmark available for download here.

For approved imagery of the Menlo Park campus, Facebook executives and more, please visit the Newsroom Media Gallery. You can also find more company information there. .

Representing the Facebook product

For news or commentary related to the Facebook product (desktop or mobile app), use the "f" logo and current product screenshots from the templates provided. .

How to Submit a Request

Please submit a request for permission when you need to use brand assets in any of the following:

  • Marketing or advertising that appears on TV or online

  • Books, plays, TV shows and film scripts

  • Print packaging

Advertising appearing on our products will be reviewed by our Ad Policy team and does not require permission here. For more details, visit Meta’s Advertising Policies.

When developing creative for advertising on Facebook, follow Ad Policy guidelines. Do not imply Facebook brand or product association or endorsement when there is none.

All other forms of marketing do not require permission but must use the officially provided assets and abide by the guidelines on this site. Please note that we can only process requests made in English.

Submit your request


Meta dedicates substantial resources to the development and protection of its intellectual property. In addition to seeking registration of its trademarks and logos around the world, Meta enforces its rights against people who misuse its trademarks.

Meta’s trademarks are owned by Meta and may only be used as provided in these guidelines or with Meta’s permission. A list of some of Meta’s trademarks can be found here. You may not use or register, or otherwise claim rights in any Meta trademark, including as or as part of any trademark, service mark, company name, trade name, username or domain registration. You should not use or claim rights in any trademark in a way that is confusingly similar to or dilutive of Meta’s trademarks, including as, or as any part of, a trademark. Do not use Meta’s trademarks for anything that would be inconsistent with Meta’s Terms of Service or Community Standards.

We may revoke permission to use Meta’s trademarks at any time. Meta reserves the right to withhold approval of content that it considers inconsistent with the Meta brand.