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Coming together to connect and create change.

People are using Meta to connect and strengthen their communities.


We change the game when we find each other

From niche sport to global community. Learn more about how skateboarding communities are connecting the world.


Experience a 3D world to connect with small businesses you’ll love.

See how personalized ads on Facebook and Instagram connects you with small businesses in a new virtual experience with The Atlantic that generates a Personal Main Street tailored specifically for you.

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Ways to help the businesses we love

Small businesses are facing the greatest challenge of their lifetimes. If you need help or can offer it, visit our Support Small Business Hub.

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There’s nothing quite like that moment of discovering a good idea.

These three people each discovered a small business through personalized ads on Facebook and Instagram that inspired them on their journey to self actualization.

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Image of Jane Roggen

Jane Roggen

Jane Roggen’s home cooking days felt like they would never come, until personalized ads on Facebook and Instagram led her to the Always Pan from Our Place.

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Image of Maxey Greene

Maxey Greene

Maxey Greene became a home decorating enthusiast, finding her dream pieces from Effortless Composition through personalized ads on Facebook & Instagram.

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Image of Alan Eckstein


Alan Eckstein is always on the hunt for the perfect vintage pieces, he even discovered the perfect vintage chair from AptDeco via personalized ads on Facebook & Instagram.

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See how people are connecting to lift up their communities.

Photo collage of a military family

Since the pandemic, veterans’ nonprofit Fisher House has distributed 160 Portal TVs to VA facilities across the country, helping veterans stay close to their families — even when they can’t be in the same room.

photo collage of teachers smiling

With schools closed, one educator created a community for her colleagues to share ideas and support each other during these challenging times.

Screenshots of Sheldrick Trust Instagram posts

Using Instagram Live, Sheldrick Wildlife Trust has been able to raise funds to protect and support elephants in East Africa.

Two volunteer veterans working on a window.


Healing and Rebuilding With Fellow Veterans

See how Jessica became part of a team of volunteer veterans through Facebook.

Small dog with tongue sticking out.


Giving Senior Dogs Loving Homes

See how Bunny R. uses Instagram to foster senior dogs.

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Helping People in Ukraine

We’re sharing stories of how people around the world are helping Ukrainian refugees.