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We change the game when we find each other.

Once a niche sport, skateboarding will debut on the global stage at the Tokyo games. See how people are coming together to change the sport for the better.

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@SkateNationGH • Nonprofit Organization

Skate Nation Ghana, Ghana's first skate crew





“It was the first time people recognized there was a skate culture in Ghana.”

—Sandy Alibo

When Joshua Odamtten learned to skate, there wasn’t a shop in Ghana to buy a board. As he practiced, he posted his fresh tricks on Instagram and in his new Facebook Group. Others joined him and together they became Ghana’s first and only crew—Skate Nation Ghana.

People were inspired.

They used Messenger to join him, WhatsApp to stay tight as a crew, and Facebook to grow a community around the world.

See how people are coming together to change skateboarding.


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“It’s like art—never finished. I’m just trying to leave it better than I found it.”

—Richie Jackson

One trick reimagined over 72,000 ways. When creators on Instagram began posting videos of #NoComply, it inspired skaters of all levels to share their fresh takes on an old school trick.

See how creators are evolving sports culture every day.


“Why learn from one dance partner when you can learn from thousands.”

—Ryan Lee

Longboard dancing is part precision, part hypnotic improv, and always evolving thanks to Facebook Groups like Longboard Family. Fans can do more together, learn from each other, and invite new riders to add their own style.

See how communities are making sports more inclusive and accessible.

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Women Who Surf

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Distance Skateboarding Worldwide

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“We are on our time, and in our own world.”

—Tyshawn Jones

Tyshawn Jones and his friends do everything together. When they’re not skating the streets of New York, they use Oculus to connect virtually, sharing an experience and a frame of mind.

Watch the series.

We change the game when we find each other.

Skate Nation Ghana, Ghana's first skate crew

Skate Nation Ghana

How Ghana’s first skate crew grew to inspire the world.

No Comply, skateboarder doing a trick

No Comply

One old-school trick reimagined over 72,000 ways.

Longboard Family, man dancing on a longboard

Longboard Family

Fans of the hypnotic sport collaborate to inspire something new.

Image of Tyshawn Jones

Once Upon a Time Everywhere

Tyshawn Jones shares a state of mind with his crew on Oculus.