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Photograph of Rockey petting a pure white horse
We Live Here

Published in 2020 in partnership with Invisible People Alfrobel, Inc

We Live Here introduces us to Rockey, a woman experiencing homelessness. When a 'sweep' of the park she lives in causes her to flee we are left in her tent. There, she invites us to explore her belongings. Rockey lives in a tent in a park. We meet her on the day police and sanitation workers come to clear the park of the homeless people seeking shelter there. Rockey flees, unable to salvage her personal belongings. Through interactivity, explore Rockey’s personal objects, objects that hold Rockey’s memories and illustrate her past. Pick up her journal to reveal an animated poem, the story of the first homeless man Rockey saw when she was ten. Find a small wooden box filled with Rockey’s photos. Wind up a music box to hear Rockey’s dream of having a home again. Pick up a small cut out of a motorcycle and open up a psychedelic animation telling the story of the day Rockey got married on the back of a motorcycle on her way to Sturges. Finally, a novel from Rockey’s childhood opens to reveal an animation of Rockey’s last desire - to be a cowboy.

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