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Giving Together

Every day, people tap into their networks on Facebook and Instagram to inspire generosity and support causes they care about. From funding medical research to donating school supplies to kids in need or supporting the fight for racial justice, we can all do more together. And every donation, no matter the size, makes a difference.

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People have now raised over $7 billion for nonprofits and personal causes through fundraisers on Facebook and Instagram.

Why People Give


Pieta, Preventing Suicide and Self Harm

In March 2020, Oggie Doyle learned that one of his friends lost her battle to mental health. He set a goal of raising €500 for Pieta, a suicide and self-harm support line, and thanks to friends on Facebook, he ended up raising almost €24,000. The money raised will help Pieta continue to provide life-saving support to people in crisis as well as those who have lost someone to suicide.

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13th Street Cat Rescue

In 2016, Yuriko Tse adopted Frank, a senior cat in need of a home, through her local shelter 13th Street Cat Rescue. Since then, she’s dedicated her birthday every year to raise money for the volunteer-run organization. Hundreds of people from around the world have donated to the cat rescue cause, raising more than $65,000 for medical care, shelter and supplies.

Portrait of Yuriko Tse holding a cat


Students Against Period Poverty

When Tvisha Nepani learned that girls and women in her local community in the Bay Area were using tissues, socks and other items for menstrual care because they couldn’t afford pads and tampons, she was determined to help. So the summer before starting high school she created a fundraiser on Facebook to support Students Against Period Poverty. She set out to fund packages of menstrual care products to deliver to women in need. Through the fundraiser Tvisha raised over $2,000 and helped deliver over 11,000 menstrual products to 275 women and girls in the Bay Area.