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Meta for Education

Equipping educators with immersive technology to transform student learning.

Learning is limitless in the metaverse

The metaverse is breaking down barriers for education and increasing access to immersive learning experiences.

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How the metaverse can transform education

By Nick Clegg, President, Global Affairs, Meta

Metaverse technologies have the potential to transform school lessons, enhance vocational training, and create new opportunities for lifelong learning.

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Elevating educator voices

Hear from your peers - what’s working and how you too can enrich your curriculum with engaging immersive learning content.

VR Nursing program portrait imageVR Criminology course portrait imageTina Korani, Assistant Professor of Media Design at SJSU portrait imageMan in Meta Quest headsetsEducator teaching class using Meta Quest headsets

VR Nursing Program | Purdue University Global

Dr. Abbey Elliot, and her colleagues at Purdue Global, are integrating VR into their nursing program and expanding the ways their students can practice administering medicine.

VR Criminology Course | New Mexico State University

NMSU is transforming the way their students study criminology & forensics through simulated crime scenes and remote learning classrooms in VR.

Immersive storytelling | San José State University

As the Assistant Professor of Media Design at San José State University (SJSU), Tina Korani leads an award-winning course exploring immersive storytelling beyond the traditional curriculum.

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HVAC training | Temperature Control Institute (TCI)

Josh got into trouble as a youth but decided to turn his life around after training to be an HVAC worker using Meta Quest. Now, a successful HVAC technician working with his father, he’s paying it back with his dad by teaching students and recently released incarcerated men trade skills using VR.

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VR chemistry lab | Morehouse College

Dr. Morris has moved the classroom into the metaverse! She was inspired to change the way students at Morehouse College learn, and now runs a VR teaching program with Meta Quest. The digital twin of the university, built by VictoryXR, allows hands-on equitable access to VR that's transforming the future of education.

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Immersive Storytelling | San José State University

As the Assistant Professor of Media Design at San José State University (SJSU), Tina Korani leads an award-winning course exploring immersive storytelling beyond the traditional curriculum.

Tina’s students' work regularly wins awards at festivals, including second place at the BEA Festival of Media Arts this year for their Planned Parenthood VR experience. Additionally, her project 'Future's Fate: Choose Your Own Ending' is among the top 50 nominated projects for the AWE XR challenge to fight climate change. Her work focuses on using design as a medium of communication, mobile application development and building interactive technologies to address social and environmental issues. Tina’s passion for storytelling, mixed reality (MR), and 360° video technologies has led her to co-found the Immersive Storytelling Lab at SJSU. She has been recognized for her excellence as an innovative designer, receiving numerous awards and grants throughout her career, and is currently co-authoring a forthcoming book exploring how women are reimagining society through the metaverse.

Enhance your students’ learning experience

Explore our immersive learning library featuring content from the leading developers in virtual & mixed reality curriculum.

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Professional development courses and training.

Gain new skills and learn how to create curriculum and content in the metaverse.

Learn AR with Meta Spark courses

Whether you’re a new learner or an experienced professional, Meta Spark Studio has all of the features and capabilities you need to create engaging augmented reality effects. Explore online courses and training programs that can help you become a creator in augmented reality.

Meta Immersive Learning Academy

Gain the skills required to create in extended reality (XR) technologies including AR and VR. The Immersive Learning Academy is for beginner and professional creators to develop their skills in Meta Spark. Creators can learn how to build for the metaverse as well as access opportunities to engage with their local AR community through workshops and networking sessions.

Create in VR with Unity

This course is for educators who want to equip their students with the skills and experience that will enable them to be the creators of tomorrow. The course provides training, support, community, and resources for educators to successfully teach VR development with Unity.

Zoe Immersive Teacher Training Program

A training program designed to support schools in providing engaging, hands-on experiences to classes, summer camps and after school programs using Virtual Reality.

Victory XR Micro-Certification Program

Learn to teach in a synchronous, virtual reality classroom environment using Victory XR’s educational assets.

AR in a box

AR in a Box is a series of virtual instructor-led lessons designed to teach learners how to create augmented reality effects with Meta Spark Studio. For each lesson, educators will find the lesson outline, a powerpoint presentation they can use, and a set of homework exercises for students.

Meta Horizon Worlds

Meta Horizon Worlds invites creators to learn fundamental skills for creating your own virtual world. The goal of this four-module series is to help you create a world of your own design that is ready to share and interact with our online community.

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Building the metaverse together

We're proud to work with our global partners to increase access to learning in the metaverse.



VictoryXR’s goal is to introduce innovative ways for students to learn through virtual and augmented reality. They offer immersive classrooms and campuses through virtual reality that allow students to interact in a synchronous yet virtual environment.



Prisms VR is a learning platform pioneering a new paradigm for math education. Prisms’ virtual reality experiences aim to radically improve student achievement by teaching students mathematics, spatially, through hands-on problem-solving before connecting to symbolic notation.



Immerse is an award-winning, immersive language education platform built by experts to help learners confidently speak a new language.



Bodyswaps is a VR soft skills organization leveraging immersive simulations and AI to empower learners to practice and develop their skills.



Centro is the premier school for design, film and digital media in Mexico City. Centro partnered with Meta to weave Meta Spark AR throughout their curriculum, and were so successful that they are now teaching other institutions about their methodology.


Factory 42

Factory42 produced UnEarthed, an educational XR game to learn about conservation and the environment.



COVEN is a video game studio focusing on strong emotional stories, innovative gameplays and inclusivity.

Interplay Learning

Interplay Learning

Interplay Learning builds training simulations to help future employees upskill and expand their careers.



LIGHTSHED is bringing educational programs about the metaverse to underserved students in the Bay Area, Harlem, and online through their initiative “Who’s Metaverse?”.

Open Walls

Pamela Jaber- Open Walls

Award-winning XR creator Pamela Jaber is working with Meta to create experiences about workplace inclusion and combating misinformation.



TAFE and Meta are working together to provide vocational training to students in Australia.



French XR studio Targo created JFK Memento, a gripping XR documentary about the JFK assassination.

LCG Foundation

LCG Foundation

A 501(c)3 foundation that designs, distributes, and evaluates grant programs to educators, schools, and districts.


Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA)

CSTA believes that every student should receive a high-quality computer science education, which is only possible when every student has an effective computer science teacher.



Unity Social Impact Team has partnered with Meta for Education to equip educators globally with VR training through the "Create with VR" program. Including Quest donations for educators to improve access to VR content creation and XR learning experiences.