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Create, learn and grow in the metaverse

Meta is helping to develop the next generation of metaverse creators, fund high-quality immersive experiences that transform the way we learn and increase access to learning through technology. Read more about the Meta Immersive Learning story.

Our experiences

Transforming the way we learn

Through immersive content and experiences, learn more about our world from beneath the ocean to the vastness of space.

Create, explore and connect through VR and AR.

Virtual University with VictoryXR

With VictoryXR

Virtual University

Explore a 3D virtual reality replica of selected universities and how we're pioneering a higher standard of remote learning.

The Infinite with Felix & Paul Studios

With Felix & Paul Studios

"Space Explorers"

One of the largest productions ever filmed in space, "Space Explorers: The ISS Experience" is an epic four-part immersive series that invites you to join eight astronauts on life-changing missions aboard the International Space Station.

Earth Rise with Meridian Treehouse

With Meridian Treehouse


Take a journey to the surface of the moon, narrated by Dr. Mae Jemison and using archival audio from the original Apollo astronauts. Embark on your own adventure where few have gone before.

Ecosphere with PHORIA



Venture into the wildest places on earth in 360° video, where indigenous and community-led efforts are creating space for humanity and wildlife to thrive together.

The Hydrous with Meridian Treehouse

With Meridian Treehouse

The Hydrous

Witness what our divers saw in real time, with their own eyes. Explore in 360º video with "Expedition Palau," a first-of-its-kind shared, immersive reality experience.

First Life with Alchemy Immersive

With Alchemy Immersive

First Life

Journey to 3.5 billion years ago and explore how life evolved on the ocean floor. Watch the five-eyed Opabinia and all the other bizarre creatures come to life with amazing scientific accuracy. Created with David Attenborough.

Kingdom of Plants with Alchemy Immersive

With Alchemy Immersive

Kingdom of Plants

Dive inside a microscope, or be caught in a Venus flytrap. At 8K, every detail of the allies and predators of the plant kingdom are within sight in a truly immersive experience. Created with David Attenborough.

Amazon Lily - Green Planet

With Factory 42

Amazon Lily

See the giant Amazon water lily and its unique pollination process.

Neptune Seagrass with Factory 4

With Factory 42

Neptune Seagrass

Learn about why this plant is essential in saving our oceans.

In the Frame with @simone_creativestudio

With @simone_creativestudio

In the Frame

Find out why this classic painting is significant.

Digital Statue with @donalleniii

With @donalleniii

Digital Statue

Restore a statue and see what it originally looked like in 450 B.C.

The Body with @csavenables

With @csavenables

The Body

Explore the ins and outs of the torso with a detailed view of the skeleton.

Curriculum for creators

Explore the ways you can create in, and build for, the metaverse

Get familiar with the tools and technologies to help you create compelling immersive experiences.

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Start learning how to be a creator
Meta Spark
Meta Spark Curriculum

Explore free online courses, podcasts and creator-led trainings to help you build in the metaverse.

Learn: All things VR

Learn from experienced VR producers and industry experts on how to bring your ideas to life.

What is the metaverse?

Meta has a free course available on Coursera that explains what the metaverse is and how it will enhance the way we connect, work and live our lives.

Become a Meta Spark creator with BYJU's

Become a Meta Spark creator with this tutor-guided, hands-on learning program offered by BYJU’S.

Meta Spark face effects with Platzi

Learn how to import design assets to create your first face tracking effect with Meta Spark in this course by Platzi.

New curriculum coming soon

We'll continue to update training with new ways to learn and build in the metaverse.




Creating cross-disciplinary approaches to Meta Spark creation in Mexico.




Helping medical students learn and practice with immersive VR training.




Shaping soft skills and on-the-job training with augmented reality and virtual reality, respectively.




Building a reliable foundation for both seasoned and future AR creators.




Gave 10,000 scholarships to train and support ambitious creators in augmented reality.

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We're looking for creators, developers, researchers and partners who have interests in AR and VR to help shape the future of learning.

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