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Explore the possibilities of AR, VR and more

Want to get front row seats at a concert, play like your favorite athlete, or fly like a Super Hero? Join Keke Palmer on “Are We There Yet?” now.

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Are We There Yet Season 2 - Episode 1 - Fitness

Train in the shoes of pro athletes with VR

Keke Palmer and former Pro Athlete NFL Pro Andrew Hawkins, show you how VR, AR, and MR help athletes prepare for action by putting them in the middle of virtual plays.

Are We There Yet Season 2 - Episode 2 - Music

Get front-row seats to your favorite concerts in VR

Join Keke Palmer and Immersive Media Director Brenda Chen as they explore VR concerts that bring you closer to your favorite artists and fans worldwide.

Are We There Yet Season 2 - Episode 3 - Gaming

Become your favorite Super Hero in VR

Keke Palmer and VR Game Director Ryan Payton discuss launching a new era of immersive gaming with the help of Marvel’s Iron Man VR.

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Person in metaverse wearing Meta Quest Pro headset.

Virtual reality

Person recording self with animation filter.

Augmented reality

Person wearing Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses.

Smart glasses

Virtual reality

Virtual reality lets you explore new worlds and shared experiences. Even if you’re far apart, you can discover new experiences with friends and family together.

Person in living room wearing Meta Quest Pro headset.
Meta Quest 2 Fitness


Get fit in fun new ways, exercise with friends, discover mind-blowing environments and achieve all your workout goals without leaving the living room.

Meta Quest gaming


Dive straight into new gaming worlds with a perspective like no other — all the action, sports, and multiplayer contests you can think of, with you right there at the center.

Meta Quest social


Cross any distance in moments to meet friends and family, then play a game, see a show, or build something new and amazing together.

Meta Quest entertainment


Experience movies in a whole new way, catch live events happening halfway around the world, and do it all beside your friends, no matter where they live.

Meta Quest productivity


Get the job done with powerful new tools and in smart virtual offices that let you collaborate efficiently and effectively — from anywhere.

Meta Quest 2

Your gateway to the metaverse

Meta Quest headset and controllers
Person taking a selfie with an animation filter.

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Explore Augmented reality

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Augmented reality

Through photo and video, AR lets you enhance shared experiences with playful virtual effects at swipe of a screen, letting you express yourself with the people who matter most.

Person taking a selfie with animated filter.
Gallery of AR experiences

Gallery of AR experiences

Explore creator portfolios of AR effects made for Instagram and Facebook.

A platform for creators

A platform for creators

Meta Spark provides all the tools, inspiration and resources AR creators need, and now our whole community can publish their effects on Instagram.

Products we’re building for the metaverse

Meta Spark

Create and share augmented reality experiences that reach billions of people.

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Meta Spark on laptop
Woman wearing Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses

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Explore Smart glasses

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Smart glasses

Wearable technology like smart glasses will become gateways into the metaverse, letting you record video and audio with just a touch and add AR flourishes to the world around you.

Person wearing Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses.
First-gen smart glasses

First-gen smart glasses

Listen to music, take phone calls and use dual integrated cameras to capture photos and videos from your own unique perspective. Share with others via the Facebook View app.

Ray-Ban Stories privacy settings

Designed for privacy, controlled by you

Choose your preferences for captures, voice commands and notifications, and manage the information you share with Facebook.

Ray-Ban Stories

The new way to capture, share, listen

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Image of Ray-Ban Stories
Person in living room wearing Meta Quest Pro headset in front piano keyboard.

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Explore Virtual Reality

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