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The metaverse is having impact today

People and businesses are using metaverse technologies to create new opportunities that benefit society. From immersive education and training to new possibilities in healthcare and the workplace, we are excited about the positive benefits the metaverse is delivering.

Possibilities with the metaverse

Many companies are part of bringing the metaverse to life, leveraging virtual and augmented reality to improve industries and people’s lives. Dive into stories about how this is happening today.

Building responsibly

To bring the possibilities of the metaverse to life, we need to create safe and secure experiences. As we build, these four priority areas are front and center:

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Economic opportunity

Giving people choice, and maintaining a thriving digital economy.


Building meaningful transparency and control into our products.

Safety + integrity

Keeping people safe on our platforms, and giving them tools to take action or get help if they see or experience something they aren’t comfortable with.

Equity + inclusion

Ensuring these technologies are designed inclusively and in a way that’s accessible.

For those using metaverse technologies, the impact is real

Imagine if doctors could practice surgery in a realistic, risk-free way – with virtual reality (VR) that’s already possible and happening today.

Training for surgery is just one of the many industries being transformed in ways that are positively impacting lives. Today, we’re sharing some examples of how people and businesses around the world are using these immersive technologies and the tangible impact they’re having.

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