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Responsible innovation starts with privacy.

Privacy should be a starting point for innovation—not an afterthought. That’s especially critical when it comes to products that live in your home, connect you to your loved ones, and serve as an entry-point to the metaverse.

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We design our products with a privacy-first approach and partner with experts in civil rights, accessibility, human rights, and safety, as well as academic institutions, governments, and people who use our products, like you.

The result? Tools that put you in control of your devices—not the other way around.

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Meta’s Responsible Innovation Principles

To ensure we’re innovating with human connection and privacy in mind, our teams apply the following principles as they build new products.

Put people first

Designing people-first technology starts with being responsible stewards of people’s data. That means being mindful of when and why we collect data in the first place, and ensuring that, when we do collect it, we treat it with sensitivity.

One of the core design principles of Meta Quest Pro is to only collect the minimum amount of data needed for the headset (and any features people turn on) to function optimally. Your data is encrypted on Meta Quest Pro and image data from sensors and cameras won't leave the device without your permission.

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Quest is designed to protect your data. To keep your Cloud Backup data safe, your app data is encrypted. If you choose to sync your Oculus Move data with the Meta Quest App, your Move stats are also protected on our servers with end-to-end encryption.

Neither Meta nor third-party apps can access images or videos of your physical environment.

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Your memories are yours. Meta only collects the data needed to help make your glasses and app reliable, secure, and operating normally, and you can choose to share additional data to improve the experience.

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Provide controls that matter

It’s our responsibility to create default privacy settings that put people first, but also to give people tools to manage their privacy, their way. That means designing controls for transparency and ease of use, and understanding that we should always give people enough information to make informed choices about how to use our products.

Meta Quest Pro gives you control over which Meta or third-party apps can use the eye tracking and Natural Facial Expressions features, which are off by default.

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You can block someone at any time, or report anyone who makes you feel uncomfortable in VR.

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Clear privacy settings allow you to manage and control the information you share with Meta. You can choose whether to store voice recordings and activity logs, and customize how Assistant listens for requests.

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Consider everyone

It’s critical we consider each person who may come into contact with our products. That means designing our hardware with an inclusive mindset, rather than one-size-fits all. We know we can’t do this alone, so we conduct user research and work with external experts to help us get it right.

To make VR more accessible, Quest Pro and previous headsets come with an ‘Accessibility’ tab in the settings menu. From this tab, you can change the headset’s default text size, apply color correction to increase the legibility of colors commonly difficult to differentiate, and utilize the 'Adjust Height’ feature which allows you to experience VR as though you are standing, even though you are in a seated position.

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Quest has features to help make VR more inclusive, like “Raise View” which enables you to experience VR from a “standing” vantage point even while physically seated.

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An LED light lets others know when you’re capturing photos and videos.

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Never surprise people

Because we’re inventing new types of connection, it’s critical that we clearly communicate what data we collect and why. It’s also critical that we provide resources and advice for how people can use our products responsibly.

When Quest Pro's external cameras are being used or Passthrough mode is on, the device will illuminate LED lights to inform people who may be nearby.

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You can choose who can see your information and activity on Quest in your privacy settings.

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You can access tips about how to be respectful when using your glasses.

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