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Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses

To help ensure a more secure experience, improved safety features and privacy settings are designed to capture, stream & share responsibly.

You’re in control of your data and content.

Clear, easy device and app settings help you manage your information, giving you control over what content you choose to share with others, and when.

A phone mockup showing privacy settings for Ray-Ban smart glasses.

Voice controls made for you

You have the option to enable voice controls when you set up your glasses, and can turn them off any time you want. Voice controls are easy to set up and manage, and you can choose whether to store voice interactions.

A phone mockup showing a video saved on smartphone.

Privacy Settings that matter

Easy to access settings let you view and manage the information you share with Meta. Meta collects data needed to help ensure your glasses and app are reliable, secure, and operating normally. You can choose to share additional data to improve the experience.

A close-up photo of the on/off switch along the inside of the glasses.

Power down for peace of mind.

Whenever the situation calls for simpler eyewear, easily turn off Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses by sliding the power switch.

The login screen for Ray-Ban Stories.

AI you can control

You choose whether to turn on Meta AI. If you receive an incorrect or biased response, you can send feedback, or you can turn it off for any reason, at any time.

A screen that reads: Capture the moment hands-free with a woman smiling and eating pizza.

An added layer of security

Opt-in to auto-lock contacts for an extra layer of security when using hands-free commands by prompting you to unlock your contacts via your paired mobile device.

Your voice data is private.

You have the option to store voice interactions. Unless you choose to provide this data for product improvement, recordings and text transcripts are processed to respond to your request but not stored.

What you share is up to you.

Meta collects data to make sure your glasses and app are working properly. You decide whether you want to share your additional data—info like the time it takes to create a photo montage or the tools you use to edit media in the app — so that we can offer you better, more personalized products.

Keep hackers at bay.

In addition to encrypting your photos and videos in transit or at rest, we have expert teams dedicated to preventing hackers from accessing your Meta account.

Photo of Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses against a black background.

Built for your privacy and others’ too.

The capture LED light lets people know when you’re using the camera to capture content or going live. If the LED is covered, you will not be able to start recording, and you'll be notified to clear it.

How to wear your smart glasses responsibly.

Here are some tips to help you and those around you feel safe and comfortable while you’re wearing your glasses.

Icon symbol of three people.

Respect people’s preferences.

Not everyone loves being photographed. Stop recording if anyone expresses that they would rather opt out, and be particularly mindful of others before going live.

Icon symbol of a on/off switch.

Power off in private spaces.

Turn off your glasses in sensitive spaces like the doctor’s office, locker room, public bathroom, school or place of worship.

Icon symbol of glasses with a blink effect from the side.

Let that capture LED light shine.

Show others how the capture LED works so they know when you're recording. If the capture LED is covered, you’ll be notified to clear it before taking a photo or video or going live.

Icon symbol of a heart with a lock inside of it.

Be a good community member.

Obey the law. Don’t use your glasses to engage in harmful activities like harassment, infringing on privacy rights, or capturing sensitive information like pin codes.

Icon symbol of a person's silhouette and heart.

Show others when you’re capturing.

Be respectful of people nearby. Use a voice command or clear gesture to let them know you’re about to capture, particularly before going Live on your glasses.

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