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Reality Labs

A future that’s
more human and
less artificial.


We believe that human potential is truly limitless.

This belief drives us to create technology that helps break down any barrier that divides us. We imagine a world where physical distance doesn’t limit our ability to connect and collaborate with one another and neither do our devices. A world where technology expands what’s possible for all of us and ensures our friends and colleagues are always within reach.

At Reality Labs, we bring together the brightest cross-disciplinary minds in one place to deliver our mission: build tools that help people feel connected, anytime, anywhere. Developers, researchers, engineers and designers all working together to help build a more expansive – and more inclusive – future for all of us.

Workers collaborating in meeting
Man looking through a microscope.


We believe the most interesting research questions are derived from real world problems.

Our team of world-class scientists and engineers take on the most challenging problems in computer science and related to fields, to push boundaries that impact millions of people every single day.

We are relentlessly innovating to enable technological breakthroughs, testing the limits of artificial intelligence, machine learning, neural control interface, life-like haptic interaction, audio enhancement and full body tracking. This cutting edge research enables us to build a future that puts people first, expanding the possibilities of human connection and collaboration.

Project Aria

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Man looking through a microscope.


Principles of Innovation

We see technology through the lens of people, and always in the service of advancing human potential. It’s why we’ve created four key principles that will keep us committed and guide us through uncharted landscapes as we move forward. Designing technology that’s transparent, meaningful, considerate, and above all, human.


Meta Connect 2023

Join us virtually for two days of sessions, product updates and developer sessions focused on AI and virtual, mixed and augmented realities:

  • Get to see new product demos.
  • Hear success stories from pioneering developers.
  • And discover the resources you need to dive in and build with confidence.