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We support updated regulations on the internet’s most pressing challenges

A lot has changed in the last 25 years. But the last time comprehensive internet regulations were passed was in 1996. We want updated internet regulations to set clear guidelines for addressing today’s toughest challenges.


Image of Meta employee, Paige, having an open conversation about internet regulations.

Paige - Privacy

Image of Meta employee, Aaron, having an open conversation about internet regulations.

Aaron - Content

Image of Meta employee, Rochelle, having an open conversation about internet regulations.

Rochelle - Privacy

Image of Meta employee, Jack, having an open conversation about internet regulations.

Jack - Content

We continue to take critical steps to improve and secure our platforms

Meta is not waiting for regulation. We’re continuing to make progress on key issues. We’ve quadrupled our security and safety teams to 40,000 people and built new privacy tools. We’re also working with tech peers to make it easier for people to move their data between platforms securely.

While we at Meta are working to make progress, we know that we can’t - and shouldn’t - do it alone. That’s why we support regulations to set clear and fair rules for everyone, and support a safe and secure open internet where creativity and competition can thrive.

Protecting Privacy and Security

We are committed to honoring your privacy choices and protecting your information. We continue to build privacy into our products and give people more control with tools like Privacy Checkup and Off-Facebook Activity.

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Promoting Safety

We are committed to helping you connect and share safely. We find and remove violating content, take down millions of fake accounts every day and collaborate with experts and authorities to reduce misinformation.

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Preparing For Elections

We are committed to securing our platforms, providing transparency, and empowering people to vote. We’ve expanded our efforts to fight voting misinformation, removed 100+ networks of coordinated inauthentic behavior globally, and launched a Voting Information Center.

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What's next? It's time to update internet regulations.

It’s been a quarter-century since comprehensive regulations have been updated. It’s time to work together to address new challenges.

To keep moving forward, tech companies need standards that hold us all accountable. We support updated regulations on key issues.

Supporting thoughtful changes to Section 230

We support thoughtful updates to internet laws, including Section 230, to make content moderation systems more transparent and to ensure that tech companies are held accountable for combating child exploitation, opioid abuse, and other types of illegal activity.

Protecting people’s privacy and data

We support updated privacy regulations that will set more consistent data protection standards that work for everyone.

Combating foreign election interference

We support regulations that will set standards around ads transparency and broader rules to help deter foreign actors, including existing US proposals like the Honest Ads Act and Deter Act.

Enabling easy data portability between platforms

We support regulation that guarantees the principle of data portability. If you share data with one service, you should be able to move it to another. This gives people choice and enables developers to innovate.


A video montage interviewing people born in 1996 and their testimonies on how the internet and culture has changed.

Born in 1996

A video montage that asks, ‘remember the internet in ‘96?’ with visuals and animations from that era.

Progression of the Internet

A video montage of a woman speaking about the last time laws were made for the internet 25 years ago.

A (Too) Short History