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Technologies that bring the world closer together

We're building new ways to help you explore your interests and connect with the people you care about.


Llama 2 is now available

We're excited to announce that Llama 2, our open source large language model, is now free and available for research and commercial use. This release offers a unique opportunity for developers, while reflecting our commitment to open source, cross collaboration and innovation.

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Discover all you can do with Meta technologies

The future of connection will be in 3D

The metaverse will be a place where we can work, play, and connect with others in immersive, online experiences.

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Virtual reality

VR technologies immerse you in 3D spaces that go beyond the physical world, letting you feel like you're with friends and family as you discover new experiences together.

Augmented reality

AR lets you add playful virtual effects to photos and video at the touch or swipe of a screen, letting you express yourself with the people who matter most.

We’re imagining a world of new social experiences

Discover new ways to stay connected with friends and family

Play in spaces that go beyond the boundaries of 2D screens

Work and collaborate from home without feeling remote


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