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Protecting privacy and security

We're committed to giving you control over your privacy and protecting your information, so you can enjoy the experiences you value most on our products. That's why we've built the tools to help you secure your information, and to make the right privacy choices, while adhering to stringent industry standards for privacy and protecting your data.

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Data enhances your experiences and makes them more relevant to you, whether that's recommending groups you should join or delivering content to your apps that reflects your interests. We're giving you more control over your privacy choices, and holding ourselves accountable for keeping your data secure.

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Privacy Centre

Privacy Centre is a convenient place to learn more about our approach to privacy across our apps and technologies so you can make better informed decisions about your privacy.

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Giving you more control

We build tools to give you more control over your privacy and help you understand what happens with your information.

Manage your information

Easily access, manage, download or delete the personal data you've provided.

Transfer your data

We make it simple to move information, such as posts, photos and videos, to another service.

Accounts Centre

Control the experiences you've connected across our apps by using our Accounts Centre.

IG Activity Centre

Access and manage content you've commented on, shared or sent on Instagram.

Privacy Checkup

This tool helps you control who can see what you share, how your information is used and how to secure your account.

Why am I seeing this ad?

You can tap on posts from the friends, Pages and Groups you follow as well as some of the posts we suggest to get more context on why they're appearing in your News Feed.

Off-Facebook activity

We created a tool so you can control – or disconnect – the information businesses send to Meta about your activity on other apps and websites.

Ads interests & preferences

Get more visibility into the actions you've taken to control the topics of the ads you see.

Cookie controls

In the European region, we're giving people a more granular level of control over their cookie choices and more information on what we use different kinds of cookies for.

Two-factor authentication

We give you this option in addition to your password to help protect your account from improper access.

People use the Privacy Checkup feature every month.
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Designing for privacy

Safeguarding your data is our highest priority, and we want to provide a window into how we protect your data and keep it secure.

We're providing an under-the-hood look at the work we're doing to build a global privacy programme and sharing our ongoing privacy investments to support us now and in the future.

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We're ensuring that new products and features are built with privacy in mind. Learn more about how we're designing privacy into our products on our privacy matters blog.

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We balanced protecting people's privacy with public interest priorities to enable pandemic response efforts through our COVID-19 initiatives. Read about our approach.

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We built end-to-end encryption in WhatsApp and offer the option in Messenger to ensure that your messages remain private.

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We've dramatically decreased the amount of information that other apps can request from you.

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We devote substantial resources to combating unauthorised scraping on Meta products.

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Innovating for the future

We collaborate with partners across the industry to help establish best practices for data security and portability.

Trust, transparency and control labs

We created a cross-industry programme to design new solutions for digital privacy challenges.

Facebook Accelerator Singapore

We created the Facebook Accelerator Singapore in partnership with Singapore's Data Protection Authority to help startups develop secure ways of working with data.

Reality Labs privacy priorities

We're weaving Privacy by Design into new products across Oculus, Portal, smart glasses and more, providing responsible use guidelines, giving users more control and treating any data that we collect with care.

Opacus: Privacy preserving machine learning

We created new tools to help researchers and engineers adopt differential privacy in machine learning, and to accelerate research in the field.

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Privacy matters news series
WhatsApp security
Instagram privacy
Messenger privacy
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