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The metaverse may be virtual, but the impact will be real

The metaverse’s benefits to society are vast

We believe the metaverse will connect people to new experiences. From immersive education and training to new possibilities in healthcare and the workplace, and much more, we are excited about the positive benefits the metaverse will bring.

Possibilities with the metaverse

The metaverse will help take learning and discovery to a new level. People will be able to learn by doing and not just passively absorbing information, diving into new topics and experiences and deepening their knowledge through 3D immersion.

Building responsibly

To bring the possibilities of the metaverse to life, we need to create safe and secure experiences. As we build, these four priority areas are front and center:

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Economic opportunity

Giving people choice, and maintaining a thriving digital economy.


Building meaningful transparency and control into our products.

Safety + integrity

Keeping people safe on our platforms, and giving them tools to take action or get help if they see or experience something they aren’t comfortable with.

Equity + inclusion

Ensuring these technologies are designed inclusively and in a way that’s accessible.

Ensuring an open and interoperable metaverse

“Like today’s internet, the metaverse will be a constellation of technologies, platforms, and products. It won’t be built, operated, or governed by any one company or institution.”

Nick Clegg, President, Global Affairs at Meta

Through the Meta Immersive Learning Academy and the XR Programs and Research Fund, we are working closely with partners to invest hundreds of millions of dollars in technology and training to help build towards the metaverse and the desired end state where everyone can benefit.

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