Instagram brand assets and guidelines

Welcome to Instagram’s brand resources site. Here you’ll find brand guidelines and downloadable assets as well as information on obtaining permission to use Instagram assets in your own work.

Brand guidelines and assets

Anyone using Instagram’s assets should only use the logos and screenshots found on our Brand Resource Center site and follow these guidelines.

Only those planning to use Instagram’s assets in any broadcast, radio, out-of-home advertising or print larger than 8.5 x 11 inches (A4 size) need to request permission. Requests must be in English and include a mock of how you’re planning to use the Instagram logo.

Be sure to visit the Brand Elements section for detailed guidelines and to download approved assets.

Logo pack
I have read and accept the applicable guidelines and other terms for use.

Using the Instagram brand

Balance the Instagram brand with your brand

Avoid representing the Instagram brand in a way that:

  1. Implies partnership, sponsorship or endorsement.

  2. Makes the Instagram brand the most distinctive or prominent feature.

  3. Puts the Instagram brand in a negative context as part of a script or storyline. You must comply with our Terms of Use and Community Guidelines.

Keep the word Instagram consistent

Avoid representing the Instagram brand in a way that:

  • Keep the letter "I" in Instagram capitalized and in the same font size and style as the content surrounding it.

  • If you offer an app, website or a product or service that uses the Instagram APIs or is otherwise compatible with or related to Instagram, you may only use Instagram to say that your app is "for Instagram" or that the name of your campaign is "on Instagram" in a descriptive manner.

  • Don’t modify, abbreviate or translate the word Instagram to a different language or by using non-English characters, or use any of our logos to replace it.

  • Don’t combine “Insta” or “gram” with your own brand.

  • Don’t combine any part of the Instagram brand with a company name, other trademarks, or generic terms.

Distance Instagram from other social networks

  • Instagram may be mentioned in a television commercial with Facebook or other Facebook companies.

  • Don’t mention other social networks in the same spot as Instagram and/or Facebook, unless it’s a general “Follow us on...” call to action.

  • If you create a hashtag that uses the word Insta or gram, it shouldn't be used on other social networks and you shouldn't try to acquire or enforce rights over that hashtag.

Using the Instagram brand in TV & film

The most important thing when using Instagram in broadcast media is to give the members of our community proper attribution for their content.

Movies, commercials & shows

Please follow our approval process if you’re planning to show off your presence on Instagram in a social media array or use screenshots of Instagram’s user interface (like the feed, a profile or our filters) in a:

  1. Commercial

  2. TV or web series

  3. Weekly show

  4. Any video not part of a series

  5. Movie or Film

All requests should be made in English, with an English translation of your script and/or text. Broadcast approval is a two-step process.

Step one

  • If you’re planning to use Instagram in a commercial, show or film, submit the pertinent part of the script along with the Instagram asset mocked up as you’d like to use it.

  • We may ask to see your entire script if the use isn’t clear. For animation, submit your script, digital storyboards and business development paintings.

  • Please only use the approved assets. When you first submit your request, we should get back to you within two to three weeks.

Step two

  • Once your script and mock are approved and you’ve finalized your creative, submit the near-final version of our asset in your film.

  • For animation, upload the final clip once animation is complete.

  • Once you submit your finalized creative/revised creative, we should get back to you within two to three weeks.

  • Remember that it may take longer than two to three weeks to get approval. You may need to revise your creative and resubmit your request if it doesn’t follow our guidelines. Approvals are not final until you have it in writing.


Meta dedicates substantial resources to the development and protection of its intellectual property. In addition to seeking registration of its trademarks and logos around the world, Meta enforces its rights against people who misuse its trademarks.

Meta’s trademarks are owned by Meta and may only be used as provided in these guidelines or with Meta’s permission. A list of some of Meta’s trademarks can be found here. You may not use or register, or otherwise claim rights in any Meta trademark, including as or as part of any trademark, service mark, company name, trade name, username or domain registration. You should not use or claim rights in any trademark in a way that is confusingly similar to or dilutive of Meta’s trademarks, including as, or as any part of, a trademark. Do not use Meta’s trademarks for anything that would be inconsistent with Meta’s Terms of Service or Community Standards.

We may revoke permission to use Meta’s trademarks at any time. Meta reserves the right to withhold approval of content that it considers inconsistent with the Meta brand.