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We can do more together

Every day, people tap into their networks on Facebook and Instagram to inspire generosity and support causes that they care about.

Why people give

From funding medical research to donating school supplies to children in need or supporting the fight for racial justice, we can all do more together.

Portrait of Oggie Doyle outside
Oggie Doyle

Pieta, preventing suicide and self-harm

In March 2020, Oggie Doyle learnt that one of his friends lost her battle to mental health. He set a goal of raising EUR 500 for Pieta, a suicide and self-harm support line, and thanks to friends on Facebook, he ended up raising almost EUR 24,000. The money raised will help Pieta continue to provide life-saving support to people in crisis, as well as those who have lost someone to suicide.

Portrait of Yuriko Tse holding a cat
Yuriko Tse

13th Street Cat Rescue

In 2016, Yuriko Tse adopted Frank, a senior cat in need of a home, through her local shelter 13th Street Cat Rescue. Since then, she's dedicated her birthday every year to raise money for the volunteer-run organisation. Hundreds of people from around the world have donated to the cat rescue cause, raising more than USD 65,000 for medical care, shelter and supplies.

Portrait of Tvisha Nepani in a car with SAPP packages
Tvisha Nepani

Students Against Period Poverty

When Tvisha Nepani learnt that girls and women in her local community in the Bay Area were using tissues, socks and other items for menstrual care because they couldn't afford pads and tampons, she was determined to help. So, the summer before starting secondary school, she created a fundraiser on Facebook to support Students Against Period Poverty. She set out to fund packages of menstrual care products to deliver to women in need. Through the fundraiser Tvisha raised over USD 2,000 and helped deliver over 11,000 menstrual products to 275 women and girls in the Bay Area.

USD 8 billion

Our global community has now raised over seven billion US dollars for charities and personal causes through fundraisers on Facebook and Instagram.

Support a cause

What it means

Every donation, no matter how small, can make a significant difference to charities and small businesses who rely on them.

Members of Eco-Soap packing boxes
Eco-Soap Bank

Sending life-saving soap to schools

Eco-Soap Bank employs disabled and economically disadvantaged women to recycle soap and distribute it to schools around the world. Thanks to money raised through Facebook Fundraisers over the past two years, Eco-Soap Bank has been able to distribute 4 million bars of soap and gainfully employ 154 women, most of whom are mothers providing for young children. Their work has become even more crucial during the pandemic because many schools in Nepal and Cambodia could not have reopened without the soap produced and supplied by Eco-Soap Bank.

Satay Noodle House employee with thumbs up in front of to-go bags
Satay Noodle House

Donating meals to families in need

With lockdowns in New Zealand due to the COVID-19 pandemic, restaurant owner Bun Leng had to get creative and think of ways to generate income. He also knew that people in his local community were struggling, so he started a fundraiser on Facebook hoping to raise a few hundred dollars. In just a few days, over 100 members of the community had come together, raising NZD 5,000 to purchase meals from Bun's business Satay Noodle House, which he used to feed people in need.

Mother holding child in her arms over her shoulder

Reuniting immigrant parents with their children

RAICES provides legal and social services to immigrant children, families and refugees. To help reunite immigrant parents with their children, Charlotte and Dave Willner started a fundraiser for the organisation. Over 530,000 people chipped in, raising over USD 20 million to ensure legal representation for separated families in Texas' immigration courts and provide psychological care.

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