New Updates to Help Prevent the Spread of Young People’s Intimate Images Online
Instagram and Facebook are now founding members of Take It Down — a new platform by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.
How Meta Is Working to Provide Safe, Age-Appropriate Experiences for Teens
We’ve developed more than 30 tools to support teens and families on our apps.
Protecting Teens and Their Privacy on Facebook and Instagram
We're creating safe, age-appropriate experiences for teens on Facebook and Instagram.
Updates to How We Protect People on Instagram From Abuse
We're updating how we encourage people to be respectful to others on Instagram.
How We Approach Safety and Privacy in Community Chats
We’re sharing our approach to making Community Chats trusted spaces in Messenger and Facebook.
Introducing New Ways to Verify Age on Instagram
We’re testing new ways for people to verify their age on Instagram, allowing us to provide age-appropriate experiences.
New Tools and Resources for Parents and Teens in VR and on Instagram
We're beginning to roll out Parent Dashboard on Quest and introducing new supervision tools on Instagram.
Inspiring Young People in Europe to Make the Internet the Kind of Place They Want to Be
Collaborating with Loulou João to raise awareness of our safety tools.
Launching AMBER Alerts on Instagram to Help Find Missing Children
We’re launching AMBER Alerts on Instagram for people to see and share notices of missing children in their area.
Celebrating Pride With LGBTQ+ Communities and Creators
See what experiences and resources we're providing to celebrate Pride.
Community Standards Enforcement Report, First Quarter 2022
We're sharing metrics on how we enforced our policies from January through March 2022.
Community Standards Enforcement Report, Fourth Quarter 2021
We're sharing metrics on how we enforced our policies from October to November 2021.
Marking This Year’s Safer Internet Day
We’re launching a series of educational campaigns to help give people the tools and knowledge to enjoy a safer and secure internet.
Launching A Parents and Carer’s Guide to Instagram in Ireland for Safer Internet Day
We’re launching an updated Parent and Carer’s Guide to Instagram to provide parents and caregivers across Ireland a deeper understanding of Instagram’s safety and privacy features.
Teaching Internet Safety on Messenger Kids
We're launching an activity to help kids learn how to use the internet safely and practice making healthy decisions online.
Raising the Standard for Protecting Teens and Supporting Parents Online
We're launching Take a Break to help people manage their time on Instagram and developing new features to make Instagram safer for teens.
Protecting People’s Privacy and Safety
Meta's priority is to protect people's privacy and safety.
Our Approach to Addressing Bullying and Harassment
We’re adding the prevalence of bullying and harassment to our Community Standards Enforcement Report for the first time.
Advancing Our Policies on Online Bullying and Harassment
We're introducing a new policy to protect people from mass harassment and will now remove more harmful content toward public figures.
Supporting Open Conversations About Mental Health
We’re launching new mental health resources, tools and programming across our apps for World Mental Health Day.
Creating Hope Through Action for Suicide Prevention and Awareness
We're spotlighting organizations supporting people at risk of or recovering from suicide and self-harm and releasing a new toolkit to guide conversations on this topic.
Removing New Types of Harmful Networks
We removed a coordinated network of accounts for repeatedly violating our Community Standards, including posting harmful health misinformation, hate speech and incitement of violence.
Giving Young People a Safer, More Private Experience on Instagram
We're defaulting young people into private accounts, limiting how advertisers reach them and doing more to stop unwanted contact.
Partnering With Experts to Promote Women’s Safety
We're launching a Women's Safety Hub and forming a team of expert advisors to help us develop new policies, products and programs that better support the women who use our apps.
Forward With Pride: Celebrating and Elevating LGBTQ+ Voices
We're celebrating Pride by elevating LGBTQ+ voices, sharing well-being resources and making it easier for people to find and support LGBTQ+ led businesses.
Preventing Child Exploitation on Our Apps
We’re testing new tools to keep people from sharing content that victimizes children and sharing improvements we’ve made to our detection and reporting tools.
Offering New Ways to Support Our Community
On World Suicide Prevention Day, we're sharing additional steps we're taking to keep people safe, including providing tips from experts and connecting people with local resources.
Facebook Joins Industry Effort to Fight Child Exploitation Online
We joined Google, Microsoft and 15 other tech companies to form Project Protect: A plan to combat online child sexual abuse.
Our Progress on Leading the Fight Against Online Bullying
We’ve developed AI that can recognize different forms of bullying on Instagram.
Making Facebook a Safer, More Welcoming Place for Women
We take a comprehensive approach to making our platform a safer place for women, including writing clear policies, engaging with experts and developing technology to help prevent abuse.
Empowering Our Community to Stand up to Bullying
You can protect your account from unwanted interactions with a new feature called Restrict.
2019 Global Safety and Well-Being Summit
More than 100 organizations from 40 countries gathered to discuss suicide prevention, raising children in the digital age and more.
Promoting Digital Literacy in Myanmar
Digital literacy is an important part of the work we do to help keep our community safe. Last week, we announced a new collaboration with the Myanmar Books Aid and Preservation Foundation to help with digital literacy outreach across the country.