Prevent bullying and harassment

At Meta, we take bullying and harassment situations seriously. Bullying and harassment is a unique challenge and one of the most complex issues to address because context is critical. We work hard to enforce against this content while also equipping our community with tools to protect themselves in ways that work best for them. We're always creating new resources and tools, and revising policies with expert help to continually tackle the issue.

Intimate image abuse and sextortion

Sharing – or threatening to share – intimate images without consent is against Meta policies. Learn what steps you can take to remove the images, prevent them from being shared or re-shared and how to find support services.

Sextortion is the threat to reveal intimate images to force you to do something you don't want to do. Developed in partnership with Thorn, the Stop Sextortion hub offers resources for those being threatened with sextortion.

Bullying prevention

Bullying prevention resources can help teens, parents and educators seeking support for issues related to bullying. We work with bullying prevention experts to support people being bullied and provide guidance to parents, caregivers and educators who have a teen involved with bullying.

If you're being bullied, know someone who is being bullied or has been accused of being a bully, these resources can help.

Bullying prevention resources

For teens

For parents

For educators

For teens

Being bullied can be scary and overwhelming. It's helpful to know what resources are available to prevent and combat bullying.

For parents

It can be overwhelming to know where–or how–to begin if you learn your child was bullied or has bullied others. These bullying resources have been designed with parents in mind.

For educators

As an educator, you understand the importance of maintaining a safe environment where your students can thrive. Here's how to proactively handle and work to implement bullying prevention strategies.

How to report bullying

Using a combination of user reports and technology, we find and remove inappropriate content. We have teams reviewing reports of bullying and harassment 24/7 in more than 50 languages. On Facebook in Q1 2022, our artificial intelligence technology helped us act on more than 9 million pieces of content and proactively remove over 67% of all bullying content. On Instagram for the same period, we actioned over 7 million pieces, 83% of the bullying and harassment content before people reported it.

Bullying prevention experts

Meta works with global leaders to maintain our bullying prevention resources. Learn more about each of the organizations.

Partners in action

We work with anti-bullying organizations and foundations for youth and well-being as part of our effort to tackle bullying on our platforms. Because our partners are global, they can help us take advantage of bullying resources and strategies specific to a given region. Here are a few of our key partners.

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